Winston WT Fly Rod

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Winston WT was first introduced in 1987, and continues to set the standard for smooth, traditional action fly rods. These rods are perfect for fishing situations that involve technical casts at short distances. When casting to fish that are close in, an angler’s success often depends on their ability to make delicate, accurate presentations. The WT series is the perfect choice for these types of conditions. This series features our internal spigot ferrule system, which ensures that the taper and internal diameter of each section perfectly matches the adjoining section. This attention to detail produces a rod that is smooth casting and delicately delivers a fly with incredible accuracy. The progressive taper of the WT is a full-flex design, but the crisp and lively design allows for the application of additional power when longer casts are needed. This series perfectly defines the Winston tradition.


• Distinctive "Winston Feel"

• Industry favorite for more than 25 Years

• Medium action rod series that is crisp and lively

• Incredibly lightweight, yet dependable and strong

• Proprietary design that promotes delicate presentations and incredible accuracy

• Ideal selection when using light tippets for big fish

• Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA