Shadows of Lyme Disease

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Shadows of Lyme Disease is a photo essay depicting one man's journey through the illness. Filled with images of reality and symbolism it tells the story of the onset, struggle, and long recovery, moving from a colorful world to colorless despair and back again. It offers solace to anyone in its grip and insight to those spared its ravage. Once a little known disease, Lyme is moving into the spotlight as the medical world gains a better understanding of its pervasive and long-term consequences. The author's essay adds to the body of knowledge with a firsthand account of his struggles.


  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm - 88 Pages
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  • Softcover 
  • Publish Date Sep 02, 2016
  • Language English

Dear Friend,

Lyme Disease is a subject that hits very close to home for the West Branch Angler family.  One of our own has been battling this relentless illness for well over two years and proud to call Ron a dear friend and mentor.  This book portraits the personal struggles one incurs while on the road to recovery and is a must own if you have a loved one dealing with this once little known disease.

If you want to donate to the fight against Lyme Disease you can select one of the other price options to show your support.  Your donation will be given directly to the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and  I will personally match the dollar amount of your donation.  


Matt Batschelet