March Brown Sparkle Dun

March Brown Sparkle Dun

This pattern is nothing special. Just a simple Deer Hair Comparadun with a Z-Lon Shuck, but with a lot of patterns I tie, I like to keep them simple. Something I can crank out pretty quick if I am running low and a Sparkle Comparadun is a hard pattern to beat. It takes very few materials.The profile of the fly is perfect in the water. It sits low in the water, is easy to see, and looks like it is in a vulnerable stage and an easy target for a hungry trout. Another thing I like about the Deer Hair is that it doesn't give your fly a bushy wing. Which sometimes I feel can help you fool some of those tricky fish. But I have also tied Sparkle Duns with CDC or Snowshoe too. Its good to have some variety in your box. Some people may find tying with deer hair a little difficult but it just takes practice and the right deer hair. I have been using Nature's Spirit Comparadun hair now for years and it is hard to find any other deer hair that compresses and flairs like it. Give a few a tie in any size or in any mayfly you want. Just need to change the hook size and dubbing. 

Materials List:

Hook: TMC 100 Size 8-20

Thread: 8/0 Tan UNI THread

Tail: Crinkly Z-Lon in bown

Abdomen: Spiky Squirrel Dubbing in Bown

Thorax: Trout Hunter Dubbing

Wing: Nature's Spirit Comparadun Hair


1) Start thread and add Z-Lon Shuck

2) Add in Spiky Squirrel Dubbing

3) Tie in deer hair wing and stand it up with some thread wraps

4) Dub the thorax and whip finish