CDC or Snowshoe Emerger Pattern

CDC or Snowshoe Emerger Pattern

An emerger pattern is another you never want to leave home without. It is a very vulnerable stage of a mayfly nymph and fish will notice that and key in on it. There are many different stages of an emerging mayfly and some mayflies emerger differently then other, so knowing that will help you create a better pattern. This pattern as show below is nothing special and looks a lot like other emerger patterns out there, but is slightly different as it has a beefier shuck and has a buggy looking appearance. All the emerging patterns you buy in a shop look nice and neat looking, but try and pick up a nymph shuck off the water some time or if you can get one with an emerging mayfly coming out of it and you will notice it has its nymphal shuck attached still and is buggy looking and doesn't have 5 strands of z-lon or an-tron coming off the back of it. This patterns is also very versatile and can be used for different emerging mayflies by just changing the color of your dubbing. 

Material List:

Hook: TMC 2488  Size 10-20

Thread: Veevus 14/0

Shuck: Brown Crinkly Z-lon

Body #1: Brown SLF Squirrel Dubbing

Body #2: Trout Hunter Dubbing

Wing: CDC or Snowshoe


1) Start thread and add shuck

2) Dub up part of the abdomen with SLF Squirrel Dubbing

3) Dub up rest of the abdomen with Trout Hunter Dubbing

4) Add CDC wing

5) Prop up CDC wing with dubbing and finish the thorax and whip finish

6) Here is one tied with a Snowshoe wing.